tour information

Shane, Mike, and friends are launching a twenty-city Beating Guns Tour in March 2019. Each of these events will feature a live transformation of a gun into a garden tool. The events will also feature speakers, music, and stories.

We are no longer accepting applications for additional spring 2019 tour stops.

See below for a list of dates and cities Shane and Mike will be visiting. Keep an eye out for more details about each stop.

March 31 Seattle, WA

April 2 Kansas City, KS

April 3 Jefferson City, MO

April 5 Minneapolis, MN

April 6 New York City, NY

April 7 New Haven, CT

April 9 Naperville, IL (afternoon)

April 9 Chicago, IL (evening)

April 10 Goshen, IN

April 11 Muskegon, MI (afternoon)

April 11 Grand Rapids, MI (evening)

April 12 Lansing, MI

April 13 Lansing, MI

April 14 Ft. Wayne, IN

April 15 Toledo, OH

April 16 Canton, OH (afternoon)

April 16 Cleveland, OH (evening)

April 17 State College, PA

April 18 Rochester, NY

April 19 Philadelphia, PA

March 9 Philadelphia, PA(afternoon)

March 9 Lancaster, PA (evening)

March 10 Baltimore, MD

March 11 Roanoke, VA

March 12 Winston-Salem, NC

March 13 Charlotte, NC

March 14 Knoxville, TN

March 15 Nashville, TN

March 16 Atlanta, GA

March 17 Birmingham, AL

March 19 Waco, TX

March 20 Dallas, TX

March 21 Hesston, KS

March 23 (afternoon)Ft Collins, CO

March 23 (evening)Colorado Springs, CO

March 24 Tempe, AZ

March 25 Pasadena, CA

March 26 Thousand Oaks, CA

March 27 Fresno, CA

March 28 San Francisco/Bay Area, CA

March 30 Portland, OR