The Disarming Network

Disabling a gun isn’t something most people do every day. Most people don’t have access to the appropriate tools to do it correctly. So we’re building a network that helps people connect with others who have the knowledge, resources, and safe spaces to disable guns according to Federal ATF guidelines.

Use this map to see if there is a Disarming location near you. These locations can help you legally and safely disable your gun and mail it to RAWtools to be made into garden tools and other lovely things. As a gun donor, you can take advantage of our Swords To Plows Program and get a garden tool for FREE.

Email to donate your gun and start the disarming process.

Email to become a disarming presence in your community. This is open to individuals and organizations alike. Weapon disabling always occurs in a safe, public area (often church parking lots or similar spaces).

Use this same email above if you thought you were already a part of the network, but do not see your city pinned on the map. Specific location information will not be shared publicly, only your city and state.